Frequently Asked Questions


Are you guys a Rutgers organization?

Yes! We are located at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. However, we are not an official club or organization on campus.

What is Notes & Tutors?

Notes & Tutors is a startup company that specializes in 1 on 1 tutoring and provides a platform for students to upload their study materials for others to access for free. Our goal is to help as many students as possible while also providing qualified students on campus a means of earning some spending money.

How would we work together?

We would love if you could help spread awareness about us to help students grow academically. We would love to be connected to students to provide free access to our online library, which includes various types of study materials such as pdf textbooks, study guides, and even possibly old exams.

What experience do your tutors have?

Our tutors have been hand-picked based on several qualifications they have. Most are TAs, grad students, and PhD candidates on our staff. They have all received A’s in the classes they are tutoring and have multiple years experience tutoring that subject.

How do you keep the site free?

We are able to keep the site free because we rely on students who believe in our vision of an academic community where students strive to help one another succeed. All of our materials in our library have been voluntarily uploaded to our site with the goal of creating the largest study resource on campus that is for free.

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How do I sign up for tutoring?

You can easily sign up for tutoring on our website Simply click on the “Tutoring” tab to choose a course, read about our tutors, and book your appointment. Feel free to message us on any of our social media if you have any questions.


Can I pay by Venmo or Cash?

We certainly encourage electronic payments since it allows us to track all transactions easily for our bookkeeping purposes. Venmo is certainly preferable over cash, but if cash is your only option we will certainly accept that as well.

How much is tutoring? Do the study materials on the site cost anything?

Tutoring is $40/hr, but packaged deals vary. However, the study materials on our website are free to use and for us to continue to keep everything free we certainly encourage users to help continue to grow the library with any uploads of their own.

Tutoring is kind of expensive. Anyway to lower the price?

If you are worried about pricing, feel free to contact us at (this sounds more official than our gmail account) or through any of our social media for further discussion. Our tutors are certainly open to negotiations. However, they have also recommended a few ways in which you can lower the cost. The first is to commit to multiple sessions at once. Most often, purchasing multiple sessions reduces the rate per hour. Additionally, if you’d like to split the cost with another person, feel free to bring a friend or two – our tutors are certainly open to helping multiple students per session.


What subjects do your tutoring services offer?

Computer Science
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How do I find this [insert some specific textbook/document] on the site? → Library → Search Box → Enter a subject
As you look for a resource by subject, pay attention to the title of the file to see if they are notes, practice questions, or textbooks. The Library is organized in alphabetical order based on the name of the subject. However, you can narrow your search results by using the “Search Box.”

Is there a guarantee for a certain grade in Expos?

For Expos we cannot guarantee a certain grade in Expos due to the subjective nature of the course. However, we can guarantee an increase in grade if you start your first or second paper with us and continue for the next 2 papers.

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