We Wanted to Provide a More Personal, Interconnected Way to Learning

So We Started Notes & Tutors


Notes & Tutors originally began as an effort to help Orgo students who needed 1-on-1 sessions instead of the packed study sessions held on those Friday nights. However, as the demand grew, we realized students learned best when paired with someone their own age who could explain the material in relatable terms. We saw a gap in the learning model where lectures needed to be supplemented with a student tutor who could reinforce the material through 1-on-1 sessions.

However, we wanted to do this better than anyone else on campus – better than the Learning Center, better than the freelance student tutors, and better than anyone outside of campus. We wanted to create an interconnected and more personal way to learning with a community of students and tutors who could support one another in learning and education. We wanted to create an engaging environment where students would be excited to learn and proud to share what they know with one another. As a result, we supplemented the 1-on-1 sessions with our very own “Library.” This is our special online platform in which Rutgers students are able share their study materials with one another to help classmates and friends improve their grades and knowledge.

With only a year under our belt, we have achieved many things. However, we are looking to hit it big this year! We can only do it with your help and support, so let’s go out and spread the word of Notes & Tutors to every friend you know!

Our Team

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